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Level 32 Racing
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    First Run on NYD, 2014

       Shotgun Trail Blast
Level 32 Racing LLC is a race management company that specializes in producing memorable running and walking experiences for participants of all levels.

Born and raised in Springfield/Eugene; James Houghton, owner of Level 32 Racing, has been an avid runner since 1998, completing 6 marathons, and hundreds of races varying in distance. Race management experience comes from eight years as a race timer, announcer, planner and coordinator with Eclectic Edge Racing. Also serving on the OTC Board, James has a finger on the pulse of all things Track Town USA.

Why Level 32 Racing? Producing the portfolio of events that are listed on this site represents the next
level of everything I'm involved with in the running community since 2013. The#32 was also my number as a former athlete in multiple sports, most notably football. The number 32 has had a constant presence in my life. Additionally, the word "LEVEL", is a palindrome; it reads the same forward and backward! Not unlike the beauty of being able to run and walk road and trail courses both ways and cover the same distance.

In addition, the number 32 is made up to the vibrations and energies of the number 3 and the number 2. The number 3 brings the attributes of self-expression and communication, optimism, creativity, expansion, sociability and compassion for others. The number 2 carries the qualities of balance and harmony, selflessness and service to others, diplomacy, mediation and co-operation, faith and trust and relates to your soul mission and life purpose. These energies and attributes combine to bring us the number 32 which represents society, communication, partnerships, duality and balance. In other words, "Keeping it on the Level".
Stay level headed and keep running!!! 

Information Central  Ph#541-556-1496

Questions? Comments? Random inquiries? We'll address the first two, maybe not the third. We have running experts standing by (actually jogging in place) to help you out.

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